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Found Technicalities is a blog of technical musings, aimed primarily at readers with a training in mathematics or computer science. While the requisite background differs by post, mathematical posts tend to assume that readers are familiar with at least calculus and linear algebra, and computer science posts often make use of the language of the analysis of algorithms. Posts that do not require a technical background are marked with the general audience tag.

The title of the blog comes from found object, a term for artworks consisting of everyday objects that normally have practical functions and thus considered unartistic. The blog existed in various forms since 2011, and the current incarnation was born in 2013, with a semblance of regularity appearing four years later. Since April 2017, the blog comes with a companion newsletter, notifying the subscriber of new posts and, occasionally, the thoughts that went into composing the said posts.

Interested readers can find out more about the blogger on this page.

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